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    In my book, it says not to give out the Hidden Power tools freely, but I'm visiting relatives for the holidays, and one of them has Elements II on his computer. He doesn't use Elements, and I want to continue with some of the lessons in the book, so I was wondering if it's ok to install the Hidden Power tools on that computer? I can even uninstall the tools when I leave if that's possible.

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    Sorry this answer comes so late.

    Please use good sense when making multiple installations -- that is all I ask. Remember that the book entitles you to use one set of tools -- if you have 3 computers, you can install on all, so long as you are the only one who will be using the tools concurrently (i.e., if you have a graphics business with 3 employees, you should not consider the three computers all yours and use that as a reason to install: three bodies will be using tools simultaneously). If you install on someone else's computer for demonstration or your own use, the right thing to do would be to uninstall when that use is complete. It is possible to obtain site licenses.

    Sticking to this helps keep me in the writing business, and in turn helps me to continue to support value-adds for Elements users. Regretfully I have heard many stories about tool CDs being ripped out of me the book is no good without the CD, and the CD is no good without the tools. That type of behavior has the potential of shutting down the hidden power project.

    I appreciate you asking!


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