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Noobie: Just Insalled Pekka's 10d Actions

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  • Noobie: Just Insalled Pekka's 10d Actions

    I'm new to the forum (and new to PS Elements, new to Richard's wonderful book/tools and new to my digital camera). I just installed Pekka's 10D Worflow Tools from Ling's site.

    I followed her instructions for installing them in HP and Richards instruction and it worked!

    I copied the action template in welcome and changed the name. I opened the index file in word pad. I pasted the template from the advanced.rtf into the index (I don't know if I needed to do that or not). Because Pekka has 18 actions I had to copy part of template over a few extra times and make sure the references were correct. Finally I installed the action file itself in the presets/actions correct folder.

    Now initially, I could not access the actions through the Hidden Elements palette. I ended up renaming the action folder to "other" and renaming the existing "other" folder to "other1". Sure enough when you click on the other tab Pekka's tools pop up.

    I'm sure there is a way to add a new tab to the Hidden Element palette so I wouldn't have to use the "other" tab, but I couldn't figure out where to do that.

    Richard, is there a way to do that? Thanks.

    By the way Pekka's tools are pretty nice and a good addition to the neat stuff Richard has given us.

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    My suggestion would be to install those actions in the free actions interface I provided rather than Ling's ( The reason for this is that it offers quite a bit of flexibility, and, quite frankly, I don't keep up on Ling's stuff and can't help you at all when it comes to that. There is nothing that Ling's interface adds that Hidden Power Actions does not (or does not potentially), and there are other additions in HPA which you will not get in Ling's...beside the fact that it is fully compatible with my other tools.


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      I did install install them with your interface ("I followed [Ling's] instructions for installing them in HP and Richards instruction and it worked!"). My post was meant to encourage others who might be intimidated to try the same.

      What would be even better (especially for the technically challenged among) would be to add Pekka's Actions and Mike's Daily Actions and some of the other actions that Ling happens to have through her site to the list of actions that come with your download. Just a thought!

      I'm still enjoying the incredible power that you've unlocked for we Elements users.


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        I expect I will be adding the motherlode when I am updating the book for the next release. It will probably be a year or more still, but I have been collecting ideas to make HPPE3 very much worth buying...


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