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Problem with tutorial in newsletter #6

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  • Problem with tutorial in newsletter #6


    The tutorial is as follows:
    What Blend If is really good for is making pixels in a layer
    TRANSPARENT according to what is in the layer or what is in the layer
    below. NO OTHER FUNCTIONALITY does this without masking.

    The actual Blend If settings CAN be edited in Elements, but holy-cow
    it is a production. Like I said Blend Mask is a good work-around, and
    you can adjust it so it works for any color or tone -- just like
    Blend If.

    To do this WITHOUT Bleind If or Blend Masks, you coult use Layer
    Masks (which you can get from the free tools on Adobe Studio

    d=164028&dn=Richard+Lynch ) You can do all sorts of things with masks
    to make them function like Blend If. For example:

    1. Open an image (a frog or animal or something)
    2. Select All
    3. Define a new pattern (Edit>define Pattern)
    4. Create a new layer
    5. Add a Layer Mask (using the free Hidden Power tools)
    6. Fill the mask with the pattern (Edit>Fill>select the pattern just
    7. Fill the layer (not the mask) with, say, blue.
    8. Shut off the background view.

    There is a step missing. If you only have a colored layer with a layer mask underneath, and you shut of the background image, there isn't anything for the result to be projected on. You have to create a white layer or a 50% gray layer below the mask layer so you can see the result. I call that "needing something to shine on". What's the proper PS speak for that?

    Note: Step 5 can be done with an empty Levels adjustment layer.

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