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HPA III install problem

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  • HPA III install problem


    I downloaded HPA3, and before installing it I read the readme file and it said you might want to change the name of the Welcome window file so you could revert back to it at a later time, so I changed the file index.html to index_original.html. Then I installed HPA3, and I was subsequently notified that index4.html already existed, and I was asked if I wanted to overwrite it. I clicked on Ok.

    Everything seemed to install correctly after that, but after playing around with some of the new tools, I realized that the menu for the tools that came with the book had disappeared, and I can't find it anywhere on the Welcome window or in the How To palette. I searched my Elements 2 folder for index4.html, and it looks like it's in two locations:

    \Photoshop Elements 2\Recipes\Hidden Power\hidden_power\index4.html


    \Photoshop Elements 2\HTMLPalettes\Recipes\index4.html

    and it is in fact the menu for my old tools. What should I do? My operating system is Win98.

    Update: If I close Elements and relaunch it, then I am presented with the menu for the tools in the book, and under the "Other" tab I see:

    Added tools
    "Actions" (a link)

    When I click on Actions, I am taken to a new menu for the new tools. But, how do I get back to the menu for the tools from the book?
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    To get back to the book tools, click the Hidden Power banner.


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