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Where's Split RGB Channels function?

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  • Where's Split RGB Channels function?

    I've installed the tools from the CD, and added the additional tools from the web site. Seems to work, but can't find some tools. When I open the "welcome window" I see bonus tools, action playback speed and quick mask. There's some other stuff under 'set 1' and some under the demos tab. But I don't see 'Split RGB channels'. I'm almost afraid to ask, because I suspect I'm missing something obvious. TIA.

    OSX 10.3.2 PSE 2

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    Split RGB is part of the book CD tools. The free tools install in the Welcome window and the book CD tools install in the "How to" pallette (at least that is the way mine are, and I think I have them in the default locations).


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      click on the logo


      I had the exact same problem. Initially, I was using the tools from the cd, and then after some time passed, I installed the free tools, which were premptively displayed in the Welcome window and the How To palette, and I could not figure out a way to navigate to the cd tools I was familiar with. First, I would suggest closing the Welcome window permanently--it just gets in the way, and you can always get it back later by clicking on the Window menu item and checking Welcome.

      It's easier to use the tools through the How To palette. Here's how: at the top of the How To palette, as well as at the top of the Welcome window, there is a logo containing a small image of a cd with a lightning bolt coming out of it and the words Hidden Power next to it. You can click anywhere on that logo, and that will take you to the tools from the cd. Then, you should see five tabs: Separations, Tools, Tools2, Tables, and Other. Split RGB is under the Separations tab.

      If you need to navigate back to the free tools, click on the tab Other, and then click on Actions.

      In the How To palette, there is an additional way to get back to the free tools: use the back arrow at the top of the palette.

      There should be something in the read me file about all this--but for some reason there isn't.
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        I had one of the 'How to' items selected, so was not seeing the image of the CD. Got it now. Tnx very much, both of you, for the help.



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          ahhh...forgot about that part

          I never use the How To palette for anything but the tools, so I forgot there are other selections in that palette. For completeness sake, in case anybody reads this post in the future:

          At the top of the How To palette is a downward pointing arrow. If you click on that, a drop down list appears. To see the Hidden Power tools, make sure Select a Recipe is checked.


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            You suggest something is omitted from the readme file, and I am not clear on what that is. Can you fill me in?


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              Just need to be more thorough ;-)

              Originally posted by Richard_Lynch
              You suggest something is omitted from the readme file, and I am not clear on what that is. Can you fill me in?
              The main problem here was me not reading the Introduction carefully enough. Was looking toward the Welcome menu for all functions. I have a photo that I want to work on that needs some adjustment....that's causing me to race through too quick. However, I'm enjoying the process despite my missteps. Tnx!



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