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  • Just bought the book too

    I have just bought the book, The Hidden Powers of Photoshop Elements 2. I am new to digital photography and to Elements. So far the book has been very infomative. I do have a question on monitor calibration. My computer is an iMAC with a 17 " LCD monitor. What do I do with the step for settin the phosphor values. Do I skip it or is there another calibration process for LCD monitors. Thanks for you help.

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    In the book I suggest that you call the manufacturer to get the phosphor information. The information is not often available for CRTs let alone LCDs, though it is important to accurate calibration. I have tried before in a test, picking a manufacturer at random and requesting information on a particular LCD, and when i've asked to speak with an engineer, I have been able to get values. I suggest calling the manufacturer's 800 number and trying the same thing.

    Hope that helps.