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  • Healing/Mend Tool Demo

    I put up a tutorial / demo, and information so people could have a look at the type of correction my Mend tool can help with and so you can have a look at how it works.

    Find the pages here:
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    Originally posted by Richard_Lynch
    I put up a tutorial / demo, and information so people could have a look at the type of correction my Mend tool can help with and so you can have a look at how it works.

    Find the pages here:

    Can this be installed in PE v.1?


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      Quite honestly I'd not tested PE1 as I don't have access these days. it SHOULD work. If you email me today, I can send you a test to be sure. Get me here: [email protected]


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        Actually reinstalled Elements 1 and tested, and the mend fails in 1 because there is a blend mode that is not available that I used. For now, mend will be Elements 2 only, but I believe I can work around the problem for Elements 1 users, and will if there are enough queries.


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          Thanks for the 'easier' demo. I read the original readme and had a few goes at different pictures, with poor to abysmal results. After seeing the demo, and using the tool (with the readme open) I have gotten results far better than I thought I could.
          I have still to find the limit of (my expectations of) the tool, but I am happier using it now.

          For the next one, you need to be able to select a large part of the picture, click fix, and the optional neural reader will correct the picture to exactly what you had in mind. I can't see a problem with that - can you ?




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            I have often thought that some users might expect Photoshop to read minds because of the higher cost...And I have spoken (in passing) of the "do it for me" tool (a mythical beast along the line of the neural sensor plugin you describe).

            Thanks for letting me know the demo/tutorial works for you...I just have to get back and tidy up the load time. there are probably other things I can demonstrate...we'll see about further reaction from the crowd.


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              If you are on Elements 1 and have purchased the tool and can't use it, I can update your tool...While the behavior will be slightly different than in PE2, at least you can use the tool.


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                Originally posted by Richard_Lynch
                ...I just have to get back and tidy up the load time. there are probably other things I can demonstrate...
                Did take a moment to clean up the download time a little and added a check payment option. Hope that helps!


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                  Tutorial/Demo & tried out Patching

                  The picture in the tutorial/demo is great to work on, I downloaded it and made the changes as shown. I also cleaned up the reflections in the lens shield, which I am now using to remove glare on glasses in my pictures. Good to learn on.

                  Also, on one of my pictures I used the "Mend Tool" on a large area as a "Patch Tool", as described in the instructions "VI. PATCHING LARGE AREAS WITH MEND 1-12." It was truly amazing how I was able to keep the texture, color, tone, etc. I would recommend trying it as a patch tool if there is a lot of healing to do and you have an area to patch from.


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                    Glad it is working out for you. One slight caution, be careful not to over-use the tool. It does make for easy corrections, but too many corrections may actually begin to lose the character of the image.


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