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Patron not working in german PE2

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  • Patron not working in german PE2

    hi Richard,

    your 'Mend' tools is really great!

    it needs some time to get used to it, but then it works great, even with a german PE2.

    the only things which is not working is the Patron Info.

    the error message says something about a program error.

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    The only thing this is supposed to do is tell you who you are. I had not tested this part, and heard the complaint from one other party today, so I guess I should have. What should happen is that Adobe allows a font substitution...Apparently that is not always the case. I may have to see about making the font available, and will definitely have to change the font for future distribution so it is something more common.

    Sorry 'bout that. doesn't warrant a recall though, as it isn't part of the functionality. Glad to hear you are getting along with the tool. Feel free to spread the word -- which seems to be happening! It can only lead to me investing even more time in Elements enhancements. I was thinking about some type controls or perhaps an Extract tool.