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    Hello, everyone... I have a problem using Elements 2.0, but I first would like to write a brief intro.

    I'm new to Elements, but not new to PCs. I used to be a network engineer for a rather large communications co. I'm now disabled due to a stroke that occured in'02. Another unrelated event occured which affected my vision. I get by and do the nest I can despite this.

    Last year I bought myself a scanner, a digital camera, and eventually Photoshop Elements 2.0. I've been very impresssed with PE's cabilities & features. So much so that I've resolved myself to go through my new book titled "Photshop Elements For Windows & Macontosh" by Christopher Dahl & Craig Hoeschen. This resolve is very unusual for me. I've really enjoyed the book so far even though I've only made it to chapter 2.

    I did manage to skip ahead a little and find some info when I needed help... Without further theatrics, I'm hoping I can get some help with the following:

    I have an old photo I'm attempting to fix. In doing this, I'd like to use the clone stamp tool. In doing so, I follow the procedure in the 'Photoshop Elements For Windows & McIntosh' book but for some umknown reason I can't get it to work right. I chose the stamp tool, then select a brush, and leave the default options, then when I go to select a clone area of the photo, by holding down the ALT key & clicking, the tool stamps the previous pattern/colors instead of copying the area when I click. Then I have to 'undo' that particular stamp because it stamped instead of acquiring the pattern/color of the clone area and it's totally wrong.

    When I press the ALT key, the cursor is supposed to become a target or bullseye according to the procedure in the book, this never occurs for me, instead, the cursor remains the same (a plain circle).

    Can anyone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    I've been messing with this off and on for about 2 monthhs. Please help!
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    The short answer: you have the Pattern Stamp tool selected rather than the Clone Stamp. Click your mouse on the tool in the toolbar and hold and the options for the tool will apear. You can also scroll (in this case toggle) the tool by pressing Shift+S. tools can also be reset to the default by deleting the preferences on startup (hold down Command+Option+Shift/CTRL+ALT+Shift when restarting Elements. One thing, deleting preferences will restore palette positions and color management may not want to do this often if you use positions and settings other than defaults).

    As far as learning the tools, manuals do provide some help--especially with such things as the basic use of tools. One such manual will be the Elements users manual and the online help (find it under Help>Photoshop Elements Help). Other books that i consider worth the readers time move on from there rather than repeat the basics. However, everyone has a different need when attempting to learn image editing. I am sure that whatever book you have you can learn much from.

    dpnew, I'd like to congratulate you on steering everywhere other than what the reason was for creating this forum.


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      Originally posted by dpnew

      Instead, if you want to learn about retouching and restoring digital images get a book like Scott Kelby's "Photoshop Elements for Digital Photographers" or try many of the websites with online tutorials like Jay Arraich's website
      Sounds like the book I need next! Thamks for the links, I'm sure they'll be invaluable.

      when I pressed the Alt key, and I think I discovered your problem. There are two stamp icons displayed in the Clone tool options bar(to the left of the brush type). You want to click on the one on the left, which is the Clone Stamp tool. The icon on the right is the Pattern Stamp tool,

      That's it I'm sure of it! It's such a relief to funally know what the deal is!

      I haven't verified anytyhing yet, but that explains exactly what was happening...

      Thank you so much!


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        Originally posted by Richard_Lynch
        The short answer: you have the Pattern Stamp tool selected rather than the Clone Stamp.

        Thanks! I'm sure that's the problem...

        I have a long way to go as far as photo retouching goes, but with help like the kind I've received in here, the journey will be much better!

        Thanks again!


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