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Modifying a Curves adjustment layer?-repost

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  • Modifying a Curves adjustment layer?-repost

    I tried to submit this last week as a new thread, but it never appeared. Excuse me if you've seen it before.

    I am a new user of HPPE tools. I successfully created a Curves adjustment, accepted its modifications, and went on to do other editing of the photo. I then wanted to adjust the Curves settings, but when I clicked on its adjustment layer to open it I got an error message to the effect that the Curves adjustment was done in Photoshop and could not be modified in Elements. I know I could delete the Curves layer and start over again using the HPPE tool, but is there a way to tweak the Curves adjustment already created?

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    It's one thing that can't be easily done in Elements no there isn't a way of editing your actual settings - you can apply them less strongly by reducing the opacity of the curves adjustment layer but if you want to do something different you have to delete the layer and make a new one.
    Susan S.


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      Actually the book makes other suggestions as well...You can stack adjustments to the curvesin multiple layers by just creating a new one.

      There is no way that I have found to easily adjust curves once they are created. This is not to say it can't be done, only that I could not possibly support the technique...too technical, and no way to simplify that I can find.


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        When I tried to stack Curves adjustment layers, I could not do it. When I opened the second one it replaced the first one. Guess I'm going to have to read the book.


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          While I encourage reading the book (you'll see there is more to the book than just the tools, in fact, I think the book is MORE valuable), in this case it isn't necessary. You just click on Curves to add the first adjustment layer and make your adjustment, then click Curves again to add the next adjustment layer. The book won't tell you any different, as that's how it works.

          What is it that you are doing exactly? Can you reproduce 'replacing' the adjustment layer? I'd be interested in how you are achieving that.