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  • Installation question HPPE

    I recently bought the book HPPE and I am getting ready to install the hidden tools. From looking at other posts on this forum I got a little nervous about going ahead. I am running PS2 on an iMac G4 and it has worked perfectly from day one. My questions are (1) Are there any files I should set aside, such as preferences, in case there is a problem with the installation and I want to return PS2 to it's pre-installation state (2) Will the tools slow down the functioning of PS2. I am pretty good with technical things so I should be able to follow instructions well. I guess I'm looking for a little reassurance that the installation is not dangerous to my current working PS2 state. I also would like to ask when I should go ahead and install the newer post-book tools and in what order. Thanks very much, Ben.

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    No problems with the tools ... once you have them installed they don't slow Elements down at all. I installed the free tools first then the tools from the book later ... but that was just because I found them in that order. I don't think it matters which way round you do it.

    I too am using an iMac G4 now on OS 10.3.3 but I have used the tools on OS 10.1.4 upwards and no problems there either.

    Don't worry about it ... just go ahead and install.



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      Can I ask what made you 'nervous'?

      There is nothing in the installer that would prove dangerous, and I believe there is nothing on this forum that suggests it. Even if there were to be a complete mis-direction of the installation, the Worst thing that could possibly happen is that you could re-install Elements....and in order to force that issue, I am really not sure what you would have to do, but it would be something extraordinary.

      The installer adds a few files to the Elements file structure. It replaces one file. To restore this file, all you have to do is make a dummy installation of Elements and copy it back in to your existing files. If you ever want to return to fewer functions, I can describe how to do it...not a problem.

      All this to say: NOTHING I have done for users/readers is at all dangerous to the functionality of Elements--let alone your computer. Program files have not been radically altered, as that would be illegal -- in fact they have not been altered at all. That you see complaints on a support forum (and I might suggest there are really only a few here if you consider there are 20,000 readers!) is rather the norm...and you will see the same type of complaints on an Elements forum. Not many people run to a support forum with praise. I get it (praise), but all in personal email--and for this book I have gotten quite a lot. My guess would be you might have seen some too in say the Amazon listings or something before buying the book? Nary a complaint there! Unlike at Adobe where they have support teams, I have only me, so I better well build a product that doesn't fail(!) or even cause little troubles, or I am going to run myself ragged. I use this stuff every day at home and at work...I wouldn't cripple what i do.

      I hope that helps ease any uneasies. yes?


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        No Problems with Installation

        Thanks to Richard and Wendy for the prompt replies and help. I installed the tools with no problems and they work fine. Having "Curves" is especially welcome and surprising in PE2. I will probably go through the whole book before moving on to the newer tools. I have two other questions: (1) In case I ever have to re-install PE2 for any reason could you tell me what files are replaced/changed when installing the HPPE tools or newer tools and where they are located? (2) Also, what is the next recommended set of tools after the ones in the book? Thanks very much for such great products and excellent technical help.



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          To re-install the tools, all you need is the CD...No need to track the files.

          If you don't have the free tools, you can get those from the website. Also there are a Mend tool (automates smart correction of image damage, like the healing tool) and Dynamic Image (which helps make images more dynamic).

          Or did you mean something else?

          If there are things you'd like to see added, I am open to requests.


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            See Ben ... I said you would be OK ... did you install both sets OK?

            I have both sets and you will find then invaluable when you are using Elements ... my favourites are Curves, Guides, RGB Separations, Actions and Fade Effect. The rest of them are pretty neat but I suppose each of us have our favourites ...

            Enjoy using them



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              >Each of us have our favorites...

              Indeed, Wendy. The interesting thing about my free tools is that I have many of them there because I thought no one would really need the things I put in there if they had the tools from my book. Some people prefer one or two of the free tools to other methods...and that's FINE!

              Not everyone uses every tool. One of the first things in the book pretty much says that you don't need all the tools in Elements, and I try to define the set i like to work with and what I declair as "all you need." Often it depends on what you do with Elements.

              The free tools and the tools from the book in that way are rather complementary as well as being complimentary.

              Hope that helps!


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                Just Installed Free Tools

                I just installed the free tools. Fantastic stuff! Thanks to Richard and thanks to Wendy for encouragement. I look forward to creating with these new functions.



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                  If you think of other tools you'd like to see, I am open to suggestions.


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