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Sharpen Plus problem

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  • Sharpen Plus problem

    As Richard suggests, I Split Luminosity on an image, and applied the Sharpen Plus tool to the active Luminosity layer. The Sharpen part went allright, with the inversion and the Blur tool, but when the Unsharp Mask opened up, the active layer jumped down to the Composite layer. Since the Unsharp Mask was still open, I could not move back to the Sharpen layer, which was in Overlay mode. The action had to be aborted.
    Any suggestions?

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    If I understand the problem correctly, this is a Known Issue with the sharpen plus tool. Richard's explanation and work around (a quote from another post in this forum) are as follows:
    "The tool was originally designed and tested in the latter stages of the Elements 2 beta, where it worked just fine. The problem is that a late change in the beta (after the book was already going to press, and before the release of the clean version) corrected an error where too many steps ended up recorded in the History (which, to my own demise, I complained about). Because the tool was created before the correction, the series as released steps back one step too many, and in this case it brings you to the wrong layer. It is a simple problem really.

    What you would want to do is make the sharpening (USM) application manually. All you do is this:

    1. Split the luminosity and color.
    2. Click the Sharpen tool
    3. Click the Luminosity layer, and apply Unsharp Mask."


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      Thanks Susan. That seems simple enough. I'm sorry that I missed Richard's original explanation of the problem.