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Hidden Power with PSE3?

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  • Hidden Power with PSE3?

    Maybe a bit early to know, but will Hidden Power work with PSE3?

    I like the new features (particularly RAW support), but wouldn't want to loose some of the Hidden Power features by upgrading......

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    The tools on the Hidden Power of Photoshop Elements 2 will not work with Elements 3 because of changes made by Adobe. I am releasing a new version of the book in a few months that has a new tool set, text revisions, and some new stuff (e.g., how to convert 8-bit images to 16-bit, which is not supposed to be possible).

    I may release some tools separately.


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      I am aware of your revised book and will probably pre-order it so I can get it when it's released and not have to wait until it hits my local brick and morter store.

      I figured the existing tools would probably not work with PSE3 without modification and was waiting until Adobe released you from non-disclosure to ask questions. I have heard that beta testers have been released to discuss the program and features so I'm assuming that you can now talk some also.

      I can wait to hear about new functionality, especially since PSE3 hasn't shown up in the stores. But, I am curious, as is Duncan, as to whether any functionality has been removed. I assume that scripted access (via actions e.g.) to standard functionality is probably not going to be a problem, but what about functionality below the surface? Will we still be able to use curves, access the channel mixer, and add layer masks for example?

      From your reply to to Duncan, I'm assuming that you'll have equivalent tools to all the current one. Is that correct? In your opinion, is there anything significant we should know about for planning purposes?



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        As far as hidden things being removed, it didn't happen. There are some modifications to the program which forced changing some of the ways my stuff functioned, but for the most part you won't notice the difference. I have not had to remove any major tools (curves, color balance, etc. all still work). The way Elements handles undo has been changed, and this affects actions which look back to previous states--an adjustment I had to deal with for effects like Fade that look back in the history while the action runs.

        The interface is less friendly toward change. beside using a different palette I've tried to maintain as much of the organization as possible. I hope to be able to better organize action conversion this time around.

        You add several things: RAW, and 16-Bit functionality probably most prominent of these--items which have steadily been the most requested items in the past two years that i couldn't do much about. It should make a lot of more advanced users very happy. the PC side only gets Organizer, which resulted in Adobe adding some navigational elements to 'help' the user. I am not fond of the PC interface change...really dumbs down the navigation, and gets in the way if you have any familiarity with the program at all. it only becomes an issue when changing tasks (e.g., from editing to organizing images), so it isn't an ever-present problem. Beside those happy additions and the one downside (navigating issue), i don't think you'll have to plan for any big changes as far as NOT being able to do things...and there may be a few other friendly additions in that Adobe worked out the previous issues with the How To palette that they left dangling in the last release.

        Each of your specific items is absolutely covered.


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          Thank you Richard! I appreciate the reply. I'm looking forward to PSE 3 and your revised book.



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            After reading this thoughtful exchange, I suppose an important questions is whether upgrading to PSE 3.0 would be considered desirable if one is NOT interested in RAW or 16 bit support?

            Another issue I have with PSE 2.0 is that the camera-specific (in my case Canon) EXIF tags are stripped away when an image is processed by PSE 2.0. This requires a cumbersome process of saving all EXIF information using Exifer (requiring my PC), and then PSE processing on my Mac (which I much prefer to use), and then reloading of EXIF info from my PC. And, any additional touch up work then requires the same cumbersome process. Thus, if PSE 3.0 preserves ALL EXIF info, it would be convenient, indeed!


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              I have just purchased a laptop which came with PSE2 on it. I am a long time corel user, but I like the ease and workability of PSE2.
              I am poised to order "Hidden Power of PSE" but will I be wanting to upgrade to PSE3 in the near future? In which case I would wait and order the PSE3 book.
              Can you tell me if there are any significant new improvements in PSE3 or will PSE2 in conjunction with your book, give me all the things I'm used to, in corel (plus more, hopefully) like channels etc.


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                Improvements to Elements include 16-bit image handling and addition of the RAW plugin. These are the most significant. PE3 also has a built-in healing brush (PE2 users need my add-on).

                The tools for PE2 and PE3 had to be added in different ways, so access to Curves, etc. will require the new book for PE3. That will be out in December.



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                  Thanks Richard for the information. I think I might hang on and get the upgrade. I do like to have the latest and greatest.


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