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Hidden Power and PSE 3

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  • Hidden Power and PSE 3

    Hello Richard,

    Now that PSE 3 has been officially announced and available shortly, I wonder if you have any idea if the current versions of your free tools and those that come with your book will work with PSE 3.

    If they do not work in their current form, do you have plans to update them to work with PSE 3?


    Don S.

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    I had to update the tools for PE3 as the PE2 tools would not install because of changes in the interface. The book will be available in December, not long after PE3 starts shipping. I may release some tool sets separate from the book, but the book has all the previous tools.


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      Thanks. Looking forward to getting your new book.

      Don S.


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        Just to be sure I understand...

        The current HPE tools will NOT work with PSE 3.0. A new, updated set will be released with the new book. We need to buy the new book in order to get the tools that will work with PSE 3.0. Do I have it right?

        (I am NOT suggesting in any way that it is inappropriate to have us buy the book if we want the updated tools...I consider the price of the book to be a reasonable "upgrade" fee).


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          That is pretty much right. the book materials will be updated, and that includes a new tool set that works with Elements 3. the elements 2 toolset from the Elements 2 book will not work with Elements 3.

          I am thinking about releasing an Elements 3 tool set for those who don't want the Elements 3 book (read: have already bought the Elements 2 version). It would come without instruction -- except for how to install.

          All that said, the book is only $27: I wouldn't be able to make the tool set available for less than $20, so $7 gets you a book with instructions as well...


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            Updated book and tools

            Sounds like a "steal" to me. Just having curves is worth it.


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              I plan on putting out a separate Curves-only tool that allows you to adjust Red, Green or Blue channels...Some people have indicated it is the ONLY thing they want. I happen to think the other 40 or more tools are pretty valuable. But my arm can be twisted to sell 1/40th of the set for 1/4th the price!

              I hope to have that available very soon. It will work in Elements 1, 2, and 3.


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                Updated book and tools

                I use several of the tools. Curves will be the the most salient adjunct, in my opinion. Waiting for PE3 to ship.


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                  I just preordered the new version of the book from Amazon. I agree. It's well worth the extra $7 for the new version of the book.


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                    PSE 3 book

                    Greetings Richard
                    I assume that the book I see in with an X behind the title in place of the 2 is the new book for PSE3?

                    I have missed your monthly updates via email notification. Did I fall off the deck or have you not sent any since June.



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                      Regretfully I was unable to put time aside for the monthly. I have a bunch of things in the works. I am on the verge, however, of spitting out another one...goodness knows I have the content. I expect to have one as soon as next week.

                      The book with the X is the Elements 3 book. It'll be out in December.


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                        Thank you, I always look forward to news and ideas from you.


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                          What about Dynamic Image

                          Will the dynamic image tool be updated for PSE3? That doesn't seem to be working with 3.0 either.


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                            Actually Dynamic Image and Mend both work just fine in PE3. I created those tools in a different way. You may not have them installed correctly...If you are experiencing trouble, I need to know specifically where you think someting has gone wrong.


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                              Cause found

                              OK, I see what it is. I opened a 36bpp TIFF image in PSE3 (something that obviously you couldn't do before) and tried to use the Dynamic Image tool on that. Somehow those images must get treated differently - "The command 'Make' is not currently available" it tells me.


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