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  • Installing other tools

    I added dozens of very useful tools into HPE 2. Now that I've upgraded to PE 3 and have the HPPE 3 book, I'd like to migrate all my useful tools. I could not find any instructions on how this could be done.

    I also own Mend and Dynamic, but the site doesn't state of they work with PE 3 or not - and if so, how!?

    Unfortunately, the "Hidden Power Actions Package III" is confusing in that it's for PE 1 and 2, and does not support PE 3 (as far as I can determine).

    How do I install my own tools into HPPE 3?


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    I'm getting around to releasing that all takes time and I have to fix up my site first. I wish I could spend all my time doing this stuff -- but authoring is really just a part-time job. be sure you are signed up for the newsletter and I'll get the info to you in the next few weeks.