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    I have followed the step-by-step process in the book "The Hidden Power of Photoshop Elements 3" without problem.
    When i try to use the "Split RGB" tool, it fails with the following error :

    La commande "Lien" n'est pas disponible <Continuer> <Arreter> (in French)
    i translate
    The command "Link" is not available <Continue< <Stop> (in English)

    Other tools fail with the same error.

    Remark : i have a french version of Photoshop Elements 3.
    May i have problems with the Power Tools because of my french version ?

    I hope there is a solution because this book is genious for image editing.

    Christian Salomé.

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    You are using Hidden Power with a foreign language version of Elements. The tools cannot be tested on these. I am sure i can get the stuff to work for you -- please contact me directly and request a fix. I will need to know our language version and the exact places you have found errors, as you describe.

    Sorry I didn't see this message below the categories.

    Some people have solved this problem by contacting Adobe and exchanging their license for an English version of the program. However, I am sure I can make the tools work in your language version. My signature should have my email address.


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