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Can't install HPPE3 on Win2k

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  • Can't install HPPE3 on Win2k

    I've completely disabled virus protection, rebooted, and verified it's off.
    I've tried installing off of my c: drive. No change.

    I accept the license agreement and get a screen which lists 3 options: Acrobat Reader, Chapter Files, Power Tools.

    I click on Power Tools and get the Hidden Power Tools Installer ("This package will install...").

    I click OK and get the Enter Password screen. I enter the password from P.23 of the book and hit "Ok".

    I see a Command Prompt screen appear (1/4 second) and disappear. Nothing more happens.

    I've checked the spelling many times and have cycled my caps lock on and off to make sure it's off.


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    Please have a look in Elements. The install takes about 1 second, and there is no confirmation (a fault in the installer). From what you described, however, the tools are already in there...

    Let me know.

    The only other problem could be that you don't have elements installed on the C drive...that is covered the elements 3 forum.


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      Everything appears to be there. I tried the "Split RGB" power tool and it worked fine. I didn't expect a 1/4 second install.

      Thanks, Dennis


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        A few small files with a quick unzip utility do get done in a flash. Literally.

        Glad you are up and running.


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