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Installation and Troubleshooting

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  • Installation and Troubleshooting

    <<I have tried to install the Hidden Power 3 tools several times, and I can't seem to. Do you have some definitive trouble-shooting information?>>

    This is actually quite a large order. While probably 99% of people trying to install have no trouble at all: they just click on the installer and the tools end up in problem. Some people, on the other hand, can go through trouble for several frustrating hours hoping only to install the tools. This part of the newsletter is dedicated to avoiding those problems. I'll be posting this separately to the website as well.

    There are a bunch of little things that can be going wrong...I have had experience with everything from people trying to install the tools without installing Elements, people installing to a second installation of Elements and opening the wrong program, people having trouble because of various system-unique problems (one person had a CD-ROM player that did not function, another no CD-ROM player), to more standard problems, like virus protection getting in the way, or the tools getting installed and the user not knowing (failing to look in the program or failing to restart Elements after the install). There are a plethora of simple problems you can have during installation of even simple software. I'll try to go through what I know here.

    First, here is how you should install:

    1. Turn on your computer.
    2. Disable virus protection.
    3. Insert the Hidden Power CD from the book into your computer's CD-ROM drive.
    4. Locate the Hidden Power tool installer on the CD (if the CD autostarts, you will use the Power Tools link; if the CD does not autostart, the installer will be in the Power Tools folder).
    5. Close out of Elements if the program is open or opens on startup.
    6. Double-click the installer that you located in step 2.
    7. Read and address any installation screens that appear on your monitor.
    8. Restart your computer.
    9. Enable virus protection.
    10. Start Photoshop Elements 3.
    11. Check in the program for Hidden Power tools. You will find them in the Styles and Effects palette. Open the Styles and Effects palette by choosing Styles and Effects from the windows menu. Choose Effects from the drop list on the left and the Hidden Power tool categories should become available in the drop list at right (it may take a few minutes for Elements to rebuild the cache...).

    If you called me on the phone, the first thing that we would likely do is run through the installation as per the steps above. They are a little conservative (meaning all those steps are rarely necessary), but effective in most cases.

    If the installation is complete and you still cannot access the tools, please follow the tips in the trouble-shooting section just below. Take the steps in order, one at a time.

    A. Be sure you have followed all the instructions in the installation instructions above, including disabling virus protection and restarting your computer before bothering with troubleshooting. Some of the following trouble-shooting steps may seem redundant. Please humor me...

    B. Reboot your computer, then restart Elements. Check for the tools.

    C. Be sure the tools you are installing are in the Elements Effects folder. The Effects folder is in the previews folder (Photoshop Elements 3.0/Previews/Effects). You can find this folder in the Elements program folder, as follows:

    PC installer will install to:
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 3.0\

    Mac installer will install to:
    Adobe Photoshop Elements 3: Previews: Effects:

    If the tools are not installed, try the installation again.

    After you try the installation again, look for the tools. If they aren't there, you need to locate them. Search for 'PowerTools'. If they have installed, see C. If not, be sure you have not changed the folder name for the tools (for PC it should be Photoshop Elements 3.0; for mac, Adobe Photoshop Elements 3). A PC-only problem can be that Elements is installed on something other than the C drive. [See If Elements is Installed on something Other than the C Drive below.]

    D. Be sure you have Elements installed only once and that you are starting the Elements application from the folder where you installed the tools.

    E. Delete the Elements Rebuild the Adobe Photoshop Elements Settings file. This will restore default palette placement and tool settings, and will delete your color settings -- so it should be used as a last resort. [See instructions for Rebuilding the Settings file below.]

    F. If you have completed A through D, and you see the files in the right place but the tools still do not appear in Elements, open and save the PSD files associated with the tools, saving each without making any changes. use Save As... [See Resaving the Image Files below.]

    G. Reinstall Elements, and then reinstall the Hidden power tools from the CD.

    H. While it is highly unlikely that you will get this far without a solution, you aren't done yet. Contact Richard by sending an email to: [email protected]. Please use the Subject: Installation Trouble HPPE3

    This is a PC-only issue. You have two choices for fixing this:

    1) Install Elements to the C drive and
    reinstall the tools from the CD.

    2) Install the tools from the CD to the
    C drive temporarily and move the tools
    to where you have Elements installed.

    If you chose the second option, in addition to installing and moving the tool folders (tool folders are named: PowerBonus, PowerSeparations, PowerTools1, and PowerTools2), you will want to delete the Effects Cache folder. You can find the Cache folder in the "Photoshop Elements 3.0/Previews/" folder. You may want to rebuild the settings file as well.

    To rebuild the Settings, hold down the Command+Option+Shift/Ctrl+Alt+Shift keys (Mac/PC) on the keyboard when starting up Elements -- immediately after choosing Edit and Enhance Photos on the Welcome screen, if you are on a PC. Hold the keys down until the prompt to delete the Adobe Photoshop Elements settings file appears, and click [YES]. The deleted file will be re-created automatically.

    If you can see the installed tools in the right folder in Elements, and you still don't see the tools in the program, you might try resaving the image files used to store display information for the tools. There are 4 image files, one for each Hidden Power tool: PowerBonus.psd, PowerSeparations.psd, powertools1.psd, and powertools2.psd. Just open Elements, open the image files (one at a time), make no changes to the file, and save using Save As...

    Once done saving the files, restart Elements.

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