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Was it really necessary to reinvent the wheel?

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  • Was it really necessary to reinvent the wheel?

    The installation routine that ships with the accompanying software is without a doubt the lamest I've ever seen. A DOS window opens and closes so fast that there's no way of knowing if it's even related to the install process. Or is it an error message? Is the install complete or not? There's no way of knowing. Where are files installed to? The book provides no information. The only way I ascertained the software actually installed was by reading a post on this forum that mentioned the styles pallette.

    I just hope and pray the software is of a higher quality than the iinstall routine.

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    Thanks for your comments, sorry you don't like the installation. This installer hardly re-invents the wheel, and I would be curious as to how you think that is so. All it does is unzip some files, and deletes the old Effects cache so that it rebuilds next time you open Elements. This takes that responsibility out of your hands. The installation happens in a blink and there really isn't any need to see where things are going. In fact, I can't think of an installer that I have used that gives me details about the installation. However, if you want to see, take a look in the Elements\Previews\Effects folder. 4 folders are installed there with distinct names relative to Hidden Power.

    There are admittedly two faults in the installer, and both are on the PC. Neither really are critical as the installation works. First, there is no opportunity to choose the drive, so the install defaults to the default installation path of Photoshop Elements (if you are not installed to the C drive, see the troubleshooting info on the website: This was done to help those users who don't understand installation paths. I should have left the default path and allowed changes, but i forgot to check the box when creating the installer. The result only effects those who do not do the default installation of Elements on the C drive, in that: after installation, you have to copy the folders to the drive you have the program installed. This is the same as if you purchase the installer from Sybex ( which just unzips the files wherever, and you have to move them and delete the cache manually). Second, there is no confirmation that the install has completed. I got the installer to delete the cache instead--which many more people had trouble with in the previous version (for Elements 2). Under the heat of deadline, these things were forgotten. However, the tools will appear in most cases after the installer runs and you restart Elements...what else does an installer really need to do? it makes no changes to the registry...and does not hide files.

    I am sorry that you are apparently angry about the installation. I think you will find that the tools work quite well. I am first an image editor, and second inventive with correction tools...third, and only by necessity, an installermaker on Mac and PC. Even so, the installer does what it needs to. If you are experienced with installer making and can do a better job of it, I would be glad to have help and/or testers next time around.

    Short of that, please let me know what it is you would prefer that the installer does.

    BTW -- there are several references to the Styles and Effects palette, including in the introduction to the book where you learn about the password and installation, and a picture in the color section of how the palete looks once the tools are installed. Also, in Tools You'll Need on page 7, the Power Tools are referenced with mention of the Styles and Effects. Hope that helps.

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      Originally posted by dyuhas
      ...I just hope and pray the software is of a higher quality than the iinstall routine.
      I've used Richard's tools and methods in the past and they are top notch. As a Photoshop user I can tell you they are an exceptionally cost effective alternative to buying a full-blown version of Photoshop to get equivalent functionality.

      FWIW I think it's pretty cool that one can request (and actually get) assistance from an author on a forum like this. I know of no other Elements or Photoshop author who offers this level of service. While Richard can't always respond in less than 12 hours like he did to your question, he always replies -- usually within 36 hours.

      Given your apparent technical skills, I'm betting you won't have any problem figuring out how to use them. But just in case don't hesitate to ask further questions if they come up.

      Good luck and have fun.



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        I second that, Danny. While I don't use Elements I do have two of Richard's books on PS and constantly refer to them. Very well written. I have also talked with him on a few occasions and he was very cordial and helpful.



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