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  • Completely Lost!

    Well, I followed the installation instructions (I think - more on this later) opened Photoshop Elements 2 and started on the first lesson. Separated the colors, etc. then I came to the "Open Hidden Powers Tools". Where do I do this from? Where are the tools? I assumed they would be available after opening PS2. Please no snickers, but I wasn't quite sure of the target location to install to. I browsed and found the PS2 folder and installed it to the folder. Should there be some reference to Hidden Power Tools in the PS2 menu items? As you can see, I am completely in the darK! (No pun intended) I am running WIN98SE. I did manage to find the Please help.

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    I have installation and troubleshooting suggestions on the website:

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    Please have a look at them, and then let me know if there is some specific spot where your question does not get answered or if things go wrong.



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      Eureka!!! Thank you!

      Hello Richard
      Opened the "How to" pallette in PS2 and there they are! I have only had simple photo editing software (the programs that come with scanners, cameras, etc) up until this week but I had a LOT of different brands. I used them quite a bit but would have to accomplish a task in one then go to another to do something else, etc. Then I had a hard time remembering which did what. Anyway, I decided to invest in Photoshop 2 Elements thinking that it would serve as a pretty good all purpose program. I am a novice but I do play with my images frequently. Anyway - I received your book and software with PS2. This will be a new learning experience for me - which is what I enjoy most about using my computer. At this time I don't even have a clear understanding of what the tools will do but I have them so I am happy. I had them installed correctly and now I know where they are. Thank you for your quick reply - Marilyn


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        Elements should provide you with a means of getting everything you need done in one program--especially if you have my tools. While there may be stuff you'll have to grow into, the book is meant to give someone who is interested a solid foundation in image processing. It was also meant to be read more than once.

        Glad you are on your way!


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