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Combining Images to Expand Dynamic Range?

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  • Combining Images to Expand Dynamic Range?

    What Hidden Power tool or combination of tools do I use to combine 2 images to expand the dynamic range?

    I'll explain: With the camera on a tripod I shot two frames of the same subject - a sunset. The first frame is properly exposed for the foreground, while the second frame is properly exposed for the bright sky. (It is underexposed relative to the first exposure by several stops.) I want to combine the 2 images into 1 combining the properly exposed foreground and background.

    I'm not interested in changing the tone or color in either image.

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    dyuhas, give this one a try.



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      I don't believe Luminous has any hidden power tools ;-)

      Anyhow, the thing you would want to do there is likely mask the highlights of the shadow exposure and mask the shadows of the highlight exposure. You can do this by stacking the images and creating custom masks (which it is likely you will have to do), or you can try the Shadow Mask and Highlight Mask in the PowerBonus tools.

      If you have the opportunity to post some samples, I'd be glad to work that through for you.



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