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CD included with the book is damaged

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  • CD included with the book is damaged


    In advance, I am sorry to use this forum to raise my issue but I was very excited at the reading of HPP2 and am now so disappointed...
    I have bought "The hidden Power of Photoshop Elements 2" 6 months ago on Amazon (order number 104-6236623-0687118) but had never tried the CD.
    When I opened today the insert at the end of the book, I have discovered that the CD was broken...
    Would you have a suggestion to help me get the tools which are so well illustrated in the book ?

    Thank you for our help.

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    First of all welcome to the forum, i do hope you come here to show off your artwork aswell as the asking of questions.

    Have you contacted Amazon maybe they have a link for you to download the cd, maybe as some sites do do this.

    Other than that look on the back of the book and if you have a contact address or number for the people who created the book, i would personally write ask them to send you another cd, it might cost some cash though, unless someone would kindly send you a copy of this, but i doubt it its a copyright infringement i believe

    I have a pdf of that book but the number 3 one not the 2 that your asking for, as for the rest well have you tried to google and see what you come up with?

    Good luck and see you again maybe




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      I've had very good luck dealing with Amazon Customer Service.

      See attachment.

      I would try that first.
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        Indeed anyone forwarding a copy of the materials on the CD other than the publisher is infringing on copyright. IN FACT, even as the author I am not allowed to distribute my materials--that right is signed over with the contract.

        As Danny suggested, Amazon will likely replace the item, though they may require return of the one you have. If they refuse for whatever reason, you need to contact the publisher ( look for a customer service link). They will replace the CD, as Danny suggested, for a small fee.

        if you get no satisfaction either way, please let me know.

        PS -- you'll note I also answered your email.


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