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Quick Question about Editing HTML for new action

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  • Quick Question about Editing HTML for new action


    I'm using PSE2 and I did successfully add my first action that I downloaded from the web. Works GREAT! In this action, I happened to know what to name the "whatitdoes" in the html code (happened to find that on the web somewhere for that particular action). But for other actions I download, how do I know what to name the "whatitdoes" or is that not needed? I'm referring to: "playaction(thisaction.atn,whatitdoes).

    For instance...I just tried downloading and installing Romance_Lite.atn and edited the HTML as:
    "playaction(Romance_Lite.atn,romance_lite)" which did not work. I then just tried "playaction(Romance_Lite.atn) and left out the "whatitdoes" but that didn't work. Tried another action as well...and same thing.


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    The actions player needs two things, and I think these are described in the setup. the name of the file is the obvious part. the name of the action in that file is not -- and there can be many actions in an action file -- that is why you need the reference. perhaps you can find out the name of the file by asking the place where you downloaded. you can also try looking through the text using a text editor. I believe these instructions are in the materials I included.

    As a last resort, you could find someone with Photoshop to open the file and tell you the name of the underlying action. If you post the file here, I can do it.