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LucisArt and Vista

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  • LucisArt and Vista

    Does anyobe know if LucisArt will work in Vista? I had it on my old computer running XP and it worked great. Just wondering how it'll do on my new Dell XPS-One and Vista?


    Ray Bayer

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    Re: LucisArt and Vista

    It should work. Mine work quite fine on my XPS with CS3.


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      Re: LucisArt and Vista


      Thanks for the input.



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        Re: LucisArt and Vista

        Yes, the standard plugin works fine. Lucis Pro did have some trouble on my 64bit vista OS a while back, dont know if it was ever fixed.


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          Re: LucisArt and Vista

          You can find Vista compatibility info in the copy here.

          BTW, a new version of LucisArt Pro is coming this summer (support for 16 bit images, a larger preview window, and automatic color correction). I'll provide more details in my ezine when the time comes.


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