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Topaz Adjust - What Is It Doing To My Pixels??

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  • Topaz Adjust - What Is It Doing To My Pixels??

    Topaz Adjust is really great, but as a techno geek, I always like to know what a filter or plug-in is actually doing to my pixels before I use it so that I can anticipate any printing problems and/or how destructive it actually is to the original digital information in my photos. It's kind of like people who like to read the ingredients on a new packaged food before consuming it I guess.

    I realize Topaz Adjust brings out detail and sharpness and smoothes other pixels in order to give images a higher contrast, painterly affect. The visual adjustments are quite obvious, but, as I said, it would be nice to really know what is happening to the pixels behind the scenes.

    Part of the problem is that Topaz does not add each adjustment it makes in separate layer. You just get a single layer when it is done applying itself, so it is impossible to see what it is really doing to the picture at each step of its adjustment process.

    I do realize there may be technology secrets involved here that Topaz is trying to protect by not doing the adjustments as individual layers, and I am not expecting or asking them to share those, but does anyone happen to know from a technical aspect what types of adjustments are really being made to the images?

    Many thanks...

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