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  • Site Update 11/16/09

    I have all-new live RetouchPRO LIVE shows booked for every week remaining in this year, including a couple of brand-new presenters. But don't let that stop you from requesting presenters and topics.

    However, as demonstrated by our recent Amy Dresser show, an invite from me isn't guaranteed to get a potential presenter interested, it takes proof of interest from their fans (that would be you).

    So if there is anyone you'd like to see present on RetouchPRO LIVE, email them and tell them about it and ask that they contact me (dnelson AT this domain).

    Make sure you don't miss any future retouching contests, games, and RetouchPRO LIVE shows by signing up for our mailing list.

    Have you read our FAQ lately? I update it continually.

    Show everyone you support RetouchPRO by becoming a Patron. You'll get a nifty "Patron" tag under your name in every forum post. See the FAQ for other perks offered to all Patrons.
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