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  • Site Update 05/05/18

    Congratulations on making it to the new server location! As you can see, many things have changed.

    We're on the newest version of the forum software, and it will be perpetually upgraded so we will always be up to date. RP isn't going anywhere for years to come.

    There are many new features, some of which I haven't turned on yet. Look around, and try them out as they roll out. Post about any problems in the Website Feedback forum, please.

    Sadly, the Challenges, Galleries, Archives, and Tutorials are gone. They couldn't survive the move. But different and better things will be coming soon.

    The video rentals page is also gone, but I will be slowly uploading those to Youtube for free viewing. Make sure you subscribe to the channel and activate notifications there so you'll know whenever the next one is available

    You might still notice a few slight changes in the upcoming days, as I fiddle with things while we're live. Hopefully I won't break anything
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