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  • boucher543545
    started a topic Computer: What are the best computer chairs?

    What are the best computer chairs?

    Anything from Herman Miller or IKEA is great IMO. I like Ikea’s Markus chair the best. Herman Miller is a brand recommended by many but is very pricey. Vertagear is also a popular brand for chairs, most of their chairs are very customizable but also quite expensive. If you’re looking for an affordable...
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  • garnet01
    started a topic Computer: More than 64GB in mac pro 2013

    More than 64GB in mac pro 2013

    Is anyone using more than 64GB in a mac pro 2013, noticed a couple of companies are selling 32GB modules now.
    Anyone used these?
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  • Mac Book Pro 13" or 15"??? Is 13 big enough?

    So, the old non retina 13" was useless to anyone serious about graphic work. Resolution was way too small and the screen had a strong blue tint.

    I've been to Apple store today to do a comparison, and 13" just seems so much smaller and far more portable. Colors look great on both...
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  • babel
    started a topic Computer: mac pro 2013 and W8 - 10 bit video output

    mac pro 2013 and W8 - 10 bit video output

    Hi everyone,

    can a mac pro 2013 owner help me to find out if, when running windows 8, it performs like a normal w8 workstation and can work 10bit?
    [i.e. in photoshop does the file ramp.psd appear without banding and color shifting?]

    thanks for your help,
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  • Allycmorris
    started a topic Computer: MacBook Pro or iMac?

    MacBook Pro or iMac?


    I've relatively new to retouching and keen to get some advice/recommendations in terms of best equipment to do the job. I'm ready to invest in my first Mac although not sure whether to go down the Macbook Pro or iMac route - I would prefer something mobile although don't want to...
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  • Repairman
    started a topic Computer: New Mac time

    New Mac time

    Well my dear old G5 is starting to feel the pace of modern living and I think it's time to upgrade. Seems there is a new black shiny Mac on the horizon which may fit the bill but I was also considering a well spec'd iMac. Having looked at one a few years back I was put off by the highly reflective screen...
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  • Pericu
    started a topic Computer: Get decent hardware, help!

    Get decent hardware, help!

    Hi folks,

    I think about getting some new hardware for retouching. Right now I have a Acer 5742g notebook, which got some issues with overheating and comes to it's maximum extremely quick, especially if I'm working with a lot of layers and stuff.

    Do you have any suggestions...
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  • Add an SSD Cache to speed up Photoshop

    For under $100 you can quadruple the speed of even old computers. According to reviews, it's virtually the same as running off and SSD, only you can add it to your existing PC in a few minutes.

    Requires Windows 7. I like the OCZ version better due to the 2x redundancy.

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  • Photoshop: How much RAM? Which CPU? - new PC build

    I have begun planning for replacement PC.

    If you're using Photoshop under Win/7 (64 bit) I would be interested to know:
    * what CPU you have
    * how much RAM you have installed
    * what types of PS work are you doing, e.g., 3D, retouching, what?

    ...or if you're...
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  • capice
    started a topic Computer: upgrade to gain in speed?

    upgrade to gain in speed?

    Last week I decided to upgrade my Mac (3.06 Intel Core2 duo) from 4 GB to 16 GB. I was very surprised and disappointed I didn't get an expected speedprofit. I don't even think if it is faster, to me it even seems slower but that could be my mistake.
    I use PS CS4 and varied the performancesettings...
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  • gregKcolor
    started a topic Computer: MacPro vs IMac 27

    MacPro vs IMac 27

    I currently use a Mac G5 with an Apple 30" cinema display with CS3. My company said its time to upgrade so I showed them my wish list: MacPro quad core with my current monitor. (I believe I have to get a dvi adapter cable). I'm used to my currrent set up and like it other than its Slowwww. I...
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  • CelticKC
    started a topic Computer: Apple 6 core vs 12 core

    Apple 6 core vs 12 core


    I am a digital retoucher and the university department I work for is about to purchase new computer equipment. This is a big upgrade for me (finally!), from CS3 to CS5 and from a Mac Pro 2x2.66 Dual Core to either a 6, 8 or 12 core Mac Pro. I've read some posts that say the 8 and...
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  • Repairman
    started a topic Computer: Setting up FTP

    Setting up FTP

    Help please!
    I am a retoucher who would like to offer his clients the facility to access their retouched files via ftp. My experience of ftp is limited in that I have used Fetch software from time to time to upload and download files but I have no idea how to set up a system whereby I can securely...
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  • NickBurchell
    started a topic Computer: Mac Pro HD configuration

    Mac Pro HD configuration

    I'm about to buy a new MacPro box, the base Mac Pro 2.8 Quad.
    I have a 26" NEC monitor, hoping to add the 30" NEC to that. Also have an e-SATA 5 bay Burley external enclosure.
    Will be running PS CS5, Lightroom, C1, some Premiere/FCP plus the usual business related software...
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  • Doug Nelson
    started a topic Computer: 12-Core Mac Pros w/SSD

    12-Core Mac Pros w/SSD

    Commence drooling
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