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  • MTesa
    started a topic Monitors: Monitor advice please! 6bit +frc?

    Monitor advice please! 6bit +frc?

    Hi! Can you please help me out a bit! My monitor broke and need to get a new one asap! Thank you sooo much! I do photo editing but don't have extremely high requierements from clients. I had a cheap lg monitor and thought I'd uprage a bit till I can get a really professional one (dell, eizo, etc) so...
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  • Caravaggio
    started a topic Monitors: Guidance on purchasing a monitor

    Guidance on purchasing a monitor

    Hi, It has been a few years since anyone has posted any recommendations on monitors for retouching. I was wondering what people's current recommendations are?

    I'm currently using an iMac, 5k, retina 27", late 2015, calibrated with colormunki, as my main monitor. I know Apple monitors...
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  • ashphotoart
    started a topic Monitors: Graphic Card for Wide Gamut Displays.

    Graphic Card for Wide Gamut Displays.

    Hello All,

    I need technical info, what configuration of graphic card we should select for wide gamut monitors for Photography Post production purpose, not for gaming/video. using Photoshop CS6.

    monitor configuration is - AH-IPS 16:9 2560 x 1440, 99% Adobe RGB Color,10-bit...
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  • Suggestions for a good monitor for retouching

    Hello to the all retouchers outhere!
    I'm Silvia and I'm an Italian pro photographer. Recently I bought a mac book pro and now my desire is to connect it with a good monitor for retouching.
    I really don't know where to begin for choosing: in the range of price 500-1000 dollars what would...
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  • Connecting MAcbook Pro to external monitor


    Would you advise me what cable/adapter I need to connect my MAcbook Pro 15|" 2014 late to my NEC Multisync PA241W Displayport? Will use it as external monitor.
    Many Thanks
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  • Retina displays reduce need for high end monitors?

    Hallo, I'm new and not sure whether this is the place for this question: Does anyone have experience of combining Eizo monitors with a Mac system and is it likely that the new Retina displays will reduce the need for the high end monitors?
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  • frankg
    started a topic Monitors: Recommendation for an inexpensive display

    Recommendation for an inexpensive display

    I am going to get a replacement -
    these 3 are within a few dollars of each other -
    Dell U2412M,
    Viewsonic VP2365,
    NEC EA223WM
    Any advice ?
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  • babel
    started a topic Monitors: QUATO 240 LED - opinions anyone?

    QUATO 240 LED - opinions anyone?

    Hallo everyone,

    this is my first post here, and I do apologize by now for my english, I'll do my best to be understood and to explain properly what I'm looking for or answering at.

    So here we are:
    I work as a photo-retoucher and I own a NEC spectraview reference...
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  • Jeffronic
    started a topic Monitors: BUDGET Monitor Suggestions?

    BUDGET Monitor Suggestions?

    I'm looking to spend the least amount possible for a monitor (21" or bigger) that would be sufficient for a higher end amateur.
    Most of what I do that goes to print is family portraits and graduation pics.
    By 'go to print' I'm talking Walmart here, but you can get acceptable results...
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  • Liz
    started a topic Monitors: Color Space Headache

    Color Space Headache

    I'm about to splurge out on a new system, desktop, monitor......but one question bugs me. If all printers print in sRGB why bother with a monitor that does RGB? Why bother with the extra gamut? Labs print in sRGB, most desktop printers do that too. Why pay the extra $, nearly double, for a viewing...
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  • aivanov
    started a topic Monitors: Dual monitor calibration

    Dual monitor calibration

    For a few days I struggle to calibrate my dual monitor setup (Dell XPS15 laptop and Dell S2240M monitor). I used Eye-One to calibrate them and I'm pretty happy with laptop monitor profile, but the external one looks too cold and greenish. However I LOVE how Photoshop changes the colors...
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  • Dell S Series S2240M 21.5 Inch for Retouching.


    I'm already having a Wide Gamut expensive LCD monitor for my retouching. In my office for the juniors I need to buy less expensive monitors.

    I searched through the companies and came to this monitor.
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  • santoro80
    started a topic Monitors: Affordable quality monitor for retouching

    Affordable quality monitor for retouching

    May sound like an oxymoron, especially to those doing post processing for a living, but for many of us enthusiasts the quest for balancing affordability and quality in an monitor is a must. Is there something under $300? What should I look for when choosing monitor for retouching? Should I buy LCD or...
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  • Can you help me choose a new Monitor?

    I am in the process of updating my gear, I recently bought a Mac Mini and now I'm on the hunt for a screen. My budget is no more than 450 euros. Within that Price Range many people I know have recommended Dell Monitors while others told me to avoid Dell like a diseased exotic dancer because...
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  • Final battle: NEC EA231WMi Vs ViewSonic VP2365

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post in this forum, i discovered this website randomly and got stuck with it.

    I want to buy a monitor for my mac book pro.
    I do photography and retouching in a semipro level want to start up seriously my business but still my finance...
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