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  • skoobey
    started a topic Cameras: Are lenses irrelevant?

    Are lenses irrelevant?

    So, with all the retouching that goes into the image, unless the image is really soft and lacks detail, or it's distorted due to the wrong focal length for the purpose, are lens choices more or less irrelevant these days?

    I get all sorts of lens/camera brand and model combos and I got...
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  • Doug Nelson
    started a topic Cameras: How many lenses do you own?

    How many lenses do you own?

    A two-part question with a limitation:

    1) How many lenses do you own?
    2) Of these, how many do you actually use?

    The limitation is to stick to your primary shooting body(s). Even my measly 2-lens collection grows impressively if I count old/odd inventory sitting...
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  • llcooljozek
    started a topic Cameras: Canon vs Nikon Colors

    Canon vs Nikon Colors

    Hi, I wonder why most fashion/lifestyle photographers uses Canon , I stand before choosing my first ff camera , my choice is the Nikon D750 , but I noticed that the colors of the Canon are like from old school film cameras, more DREAMY look, and nikon more digital cold, is it true? will I be happy with...
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